Maytag Microwave Ovens

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Maytag Over the Range Microwave, Model MMV5207BA

This microwave has a wide range of features that will make cooking easy! It has a unique “WideGlide” tray that moves back and forth to make sure that foods are cooked thoroughly. The Sensor Cook option constantly checks the humidity levels in the interior of the microwave and will automatically adjust cooking time accordingly. The air and grease filters are deluxe charcoal, and will help ventilate your kitchen as you cook. Other features include: multi-function, easy-to-read display, 12 cooking settings, pre-programmed sensor cooking system for things like popcorn, vegetables and pasta, and child safety locks. This microwave costs $359.

Maytag Microwave Oven, Model MMV5165BAW

Classic white, this microwave oven is fully functional with great cooking amenities. The internal tray slides side to side to make sure food is evenly heated, and the sensor cook options monitor humidity and take all the guesswork out of cooking times. The over the range fan component has five adjustable speeds to maintain a properly ventilated cooking space, and the digital display is easy to read and to use. Other features like one-button defrost and custom program capabilities will help you customize your cooking experience. This model costs $299.

Maytag Microwave Oven, Model MMV1153BAW

The extra large turntable in this microwave will make it easy to cook a variety of meals, both large and small. This over the range system has a “Precision Cooking System” and a fan that has two different speeds. The LED display is easy to read and it has several auto cook options that make your meal preparation a snap! It also comes with the customary one touch defrost button and popcorn buttons. This model costs $200.

Maytag Microwave Oven, Model MMV4205BAW

2.0 cubic feet of cooking space make this microwave ideal for large cooking projects. This appliance is easy to use with twelve one-touch buttons that will cook individual foods to perfection. Options include: kids meal, snacks, auto reheat, melt, soften and auto cook. There is a child safety lock and precision touch electronic controls. This model costs $279.00